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Scarlet Street     Scarlet Street
2006 - 2007

"...your soul learns to sing out in scarlet..."

Scarlet Street was the name of the performance duo comprised of Jason Vitelli and myself, which was active in 2006/07.

Live at The Baggot Inn, NY. ( photo by Seth Bourget )
Live at The Baggot Inn, NY.
( photo by Seth Bourget )

The two-person format enabled each of us to take our first steps penetrating into the NY live performance scene together, and was also a creative testing ground for our original songs, many of which would later become more fleshed out in our solo acts as well as in my subsequent band, The Bliss Jockeys.

Although the formal partnership dissolved in its initial two-person format, the informal 'ally'-ship goes on and on... Jason and I have played together in a variety of different lineups since then and are still frequent guests at each other's shows and recordings, and we also frequently co-headline bills when we perform around the city...

Jason Vitelli - vocals, guitar, keyboard
Phil Robinson - vocals, guitar, harmonica

Sample Repertoire:
Jason Originals - Announce Myself, Apartment, Working, The Tribe Song, The Worst Thing, Long Way
Phil Originals - 99 Days, Transcendental Cowboy, Eyes Turned Low, Is It True, Lay Aside Your Heroes
Covers - Stolen Car, Ain't Got You (Bruce Springsteen)