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Phil Robinson (Classical)     Phil Robinson (Classical)
1996 - 1998, 2006

My experiment-- in order to grow as an artist and learn more about music in general, to enhance my songwriting, I spent some time studying classical composition in the late 90's and composed a few classical pieces for strings and piano (strictly as a composer, not as a performer). In a stroke of amazing fortune, the world-renowned Lydian String Quartet agreed to play one of my pieces and we made a small recording at a concert hall in Massachusetts.

Years later, I got to put it out on CD (along with some additional recordings of my piano pieces, performed by Paul Hedemark). It was the debut release from Roomful of Sky Records!

Phil Robinson - composer          The Lydian String Quartet:
                  Daniel Stepner - first violin
Paul Hedemark - pianist          Judith Eissenberg - second violin
                  Mary Ruth Ray - viola
                  Rhonda Rider - cello

Phil Originals - Minuet and Scherzo in C, Fugue in C, Variations on a Theme by N. R. White, Piano Sonata No. 1 in A minor (First Movement)


  Links:   iTunes   |   CD Baby   |   Amazon   |   Label Description