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Phil-Produced 'Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician'... Available Now!! 02.03.2015
Phil Robinson I'm excited to announce that Roomful of Sky Records has just released Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician, an album I've produced as a labor of love over the past few years... This tribute faithfully re-creates one of Campbell's little-known performances as a jazz saxophonist in the 1920's, and is now available on CD and digital formats everywhere!

    Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician - Roomful of Sky Records    

Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician
A Tribute to the Mythologist's Musical Side
Listen & Purchase:
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Joseph Campbell, regarded as one of the world's foremost mythologists, has been my favorite author and inspiration throughout my life (I named The Bliss Jockeys after his phrase, "Follow Your Bliss"...!). Read all about this tribute album and my involvement HERE.



"Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician was created with the full cooperation of the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF). Kudos to producer Phil Robinson and The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band for their loving and faithful re-creation of what a night with Joseph Campbell's jazz band would have sounded like! And boy, does it swing...!"

-- Stephen Gerringer,
Joseph Campbell Foundation


"Phil Robinson has done a memorable service for the entire (worldwide) Joseph Campbell community. While widely recognized for his contributions as the outstanding (American, if not World) mythologist of the 20th century, Campbell has not yet been celebrated as spellbinding storyteller, writer of fiction, musician, and even visual artist.

In his evolution as "cultural creative" Joe paid much of his way through Columbia College by playing in jazz bands. Maybe it was his way of including the right (musical, artistic, creative) along with the left hemisphere of words that constitutes academia. As it was, he played in important public venues all around NYC and earned enough money to pay part of his college tuition and expenses.

His was never, ever, a one-sided intellectual mind; but one full of the vibrant rhythms and images of the ages!"

-- Stephen Larsen,
Author (with Robin Larsen),
Joseph Campbell: A Fire in the Mind - The Authorized Biography
and 10 other books.
Co-Director (with Robin Larsen),
The Center for Symbolic Studies

The Bliss Jockeys' Debut Album... Nearing Completion! 1.05.2015
The Bliss Jockeys

There's a light at the end of the tunnel-- The Bliss Jockeys' eagerly-awaited debut album is ALMOST done!

Entitled 'The Birth of Bliss', this first album features 10 original songs (all written by Phil), each of which will be familiar to fans from our live shows. Produced by regular Bliss Jockeys guitarist Josh Friedman, and recorded at Dubway Studios in Manhattan, the album captures the genuine feel and excitement of a live performance of the band.

Bliss Jockeys Lesley Shannon, Josh Friedman and Merter Yildirim hard at work at Dubway Studios (photos by Phil Robinson)
Bliss Jockeys Lesley Shannon, Josh Friedman and Merter Yildirim
hard at work at Dubway Studios (photos by Phil Robinson)

In addition to the 10 songs featured on the album, the band are also recording 3 additional cover songs as part of the same sessions-- these will be released around the same time as the album. Look for plenty of exciting announcements in the months to come!

The album is targeted for release in late 2015.

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